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Shopify est une plateforme destinée à la création de sites Web e-commerce. Cela dit, certaines personnes utilisent la plateforme afin de créer des sites de type catalogue sans nécessairement utiliser le volet transactionnel. Shopify est la plateforme parfaite afin de débuter dans le e-commerce.


What is Shopify?

Founded in 2006, Shopify is a SaaS e-commerce platform that allows you to quickly and easily create an e-commerce website. More than 20% of transactional websites use Shopify as their technology, which represents several million websites.

There are 2 versions of this platform: Shopify and Shopify plus. The regular version is perfect for individuals or small businesses looking to dive into the e-commerce world, and the more expensive and customizable Shopify plus version is mainly for large companies generating millions of online sales.

Shopify’s greatest strength is the ease of creating your online store from the theme portfolio; no programming knowledge is required. Moreover, Shopify is truly turnkey, as everything is included: themes, CMS, hosting, payment platform.

What kind of websites can I build with Shopify?

Shopify is a platform for building e-commerce websites. That said, some people use the platform to create catalog-type sites without necessarily using the transactional component.

The advantages of Shopify

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Turnkey: themes, CMS, hosting, payment module, etc.
  • Excellent technical support
  • Many applications available in the Shopify Store
  • Good SEO performance

The disadvantages

  • Multilingual management is difficult
  • Not the best solution if you have multiple stores
  • Themes are hard to modify
  • No email hosting related to the domain name
  • Most expensive platform on a monthly basis

Who should use Shopify for their website?

Shopify is the perfect platform to get started in e-commerce; it is a turnkey platform that allows you to quickly test your online store concept.

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